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This App is a individual calculator of how you have to fuel your body right for a competition.

Whether it's carbohydrates, sugars or minerals, all you have to do is enter the approximate duration of your activity and the application will automatically calculate the right quantities needed for the race.

Mix the ingredients and enjoy your race!


customized for you, for every race

It goes without saying that a triathlete on an XL distance will not have the same needs as a marathon runner.
That's why we didn't do things by halves. The application offers you 4 recipes depending on your activity: more carbs or more salt? More sugar or more juice? Encode your goals correctly and it will calculate what your body needs .

Do your gender, height and weight depend on the calculation? No. These factors have no influence. Interested to know why? Find the answer on our article in the blog.

Ready to go in


The recipe is super simple and no mixer is needed. Shake all the ingredients together in your bottle. After the shake, transfer your gel in your flask and it's already done!
Your gel is ready to go in only 3' preparation!

No time before race? Put your flask with the gel on your fridge (3 days conservation) or in the congelator (many months conservation).

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16.August 2023

Dein Gel hat mich durch die Saison begleitet und nächste Woche starte ich mit der 90gKH/h auf meiner MD. Die RaceFuel App ist Gold wert!

Mätz de K., Triathlet


16.August 2023

ich habe für meine gesamte Vorbereitung dein Rezept für mein Gel benutzt. 1000 Dank für das Rezept!!!

Torsten B., Triathlet


16.August 2023

Vor gut 8 Wochen aus Zufall dein Qualigel entdeckt, ausprobiert und mit Begeisterung seitdem immer im Einsatz.

Jörg A., Läufer, Schwimmer


16.August 2023

Habe das Gel bei drei größeren Rad Herausforderungen angewendet und bin mega gut durchgekommen wie noch mit keiner Verpflegung.

Felix H., Triathlet



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