#1 DIY High Performance Gel

Mix your own energy gel

  • best performance
  • best tolerance
  • significantly cheaper
  • best sustainability
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RACEPACE environmental challenge

With self-mixed gel


Avoid packaging

Simply enter the number of packages you avoided in the comment below your recipe and take part in the raffle for my Hawaii triathlon bike

Current status:

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I experimented a lot when preparing for my IRONMAN. With RACEFUEL, a recipe was created that made me successful and is used by thousands of athletes today

Maximum energy

The ideal ratio of glucose and fructose ensures an optimal supply of energy

Optimal Compatible

Natural ingredients without coloring and preservatives have proven to be very well tolerated


Self-mixed gel saves about 80% of the costs compared to a purchased gel


Reusable bottles save a lot of waste



video guide

Play Video

In this video I show you:

  • the formation of the gel

  • a step-by-step guide

  • the advantages of self-mixed gel

  • numerous tips for your race

RACEFUEL Tutorials

About me

My name is Nico Weling and I have been doing endurance sports for almost 30 years. In my wild days I did three IRONMAN long distances within 4 months and made it to 5th place in the IRONMAN AWA world rankings. The self-mixed gel helped me and has been optimized over countless competitions and training sessions and is now available to all athletes free of charge.

my goal

Your dream shall come true

Many races have to be stopped due to nausea or starvation. I'm always happy to hear how many athletes get along much better with this gel.

I care about our environment

We enjoy swimming, cycling and running through beautiful landscapes. By avoiding waste, we can make a contribution to preserving this miracle.